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Merle Temple



Merle Temple is the author of A Ghostly Shade of Pale and the sequel, A Rented World. Both books are written as fiction but drawn from his experiences as an agent in the first drug wars, a manager in the corporate world, and a campaign chairman in high level politics.  Merle survived encounters with contract killers, ambushes by snipers, and political battles that reached all the way to the White House. He was broken by God, and began to write three books as fiction—stories of tragedy and redemption based on events in his life. He signed A Ghostly Shade of Pale for Criminal Minds in Hollywood, where a treatment is underway for a possible TV series. Ghostly was chosen by Itawamba Community College as required reading, and has been used in middle schools and high schools in English classes. It is the all-time bestselling novel at Tupelo's Barnes and Noble store. Merle had a private lunch with Ravi Zacharias, the great Christian apologist, and dinner with Morgan Freeman to discuss the book. Kroger picked up Ghostly and the sequel, A Rented World, which sets the stage for the final bookin the trilogy, The Redeemed. Merle speaks and signs books with his wife, Judy, across America. He has interviewed from Memphis to Las Vegas, Anchorage to L.A., Boston to Orlando, and on Israel National Radio to warn of the dangers and darkness of this world and to tell of his journey to the peace and purpose of Jesus Christ.

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