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Author John Case wins huge award

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The following is an email announcing a prestigious award presented to John Case, whose book "Bogue Chitto Flats" is listed in our book offerings.

From: editor@slidellmag.com

Date: 8/7/18 4:06 PM (GMT-06:00)

To: carsonmhughes@gmail.com

Subject: John Case wins huge award!

Good afternoon,

I’m writing this email to let you know that your fraternity brother, John S. Case, recently won a very prestigious award from the Press Club of New Orleans.

The Press Club of New Orleans held their 60th Anniversary Gala & Award Ceremony on July 21 at the Jung Hotel in New Orleans. John was one of dozens of candidates for “Best Column.” The candidates included writers and journalists from numerous publications in the greater New Orleans area.

The Press Club awards are voted on by members representing 12 other Press Clubs across the country, including Florida Press Club, Houston Press Club, Idaho Press Club, Los Angeles Press Club, Milwaukee Press Club, and San Diego Press Club, to name a few. John Case, writing as “The Storyteller” in Slidell Magazine, was one of three finalists, which included a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist. (And, I’m willing to bet that there are more than a few Pulitzer winners within those dozen other Press Clubs.)


As confident as I am about John’s talent, I foolishly thought that his stories may not be able to compete against the “big boys” in the New Orleans journalism market. I entered John’s stories into the competition without his knowledge, for fear that he would not gain a nomination. Once he became a finalist, I told him what I had done. John, his wife Brenda, and I all attended the award ceremony with high spirits for a fun evening, but little confidence in a win. And then HE WON! Gooooo John!

This award is validation, for me at least, that John Case is a phenomenal talent. And that talent is easy to recognize, no matter where you’re from, or what your writing background may be. I’m kicking myself that I waited this long to submit him for the contest. I guess he’ll just have to keep writing to keep winning!

You have much to be proud of in your brother!


Kendra Maness


Slidell Magazine




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